Friday, December 21, 2007

Current Entertainment.

Dru has been on point with this more than I have so let's all say thank you to him for that. Thank you. I should be more active after the holidays, electronics retail is sucking the life out of me this holiday. Since I have been so busy lately my current media exposure has been the music I listen to on the way to work and the reading I get done when ever I have that personal time in the bathroom

I suggest that everyone pick up the current issue of URB magazine- it's at the end of it's run so hurry. They got WALE up on the cover with Justice. Thanks to DRU for introducing me to WALE. Hit WALE's stuff up over on Myspace. Download his 100 Miles and Running Mixtape. This guy is reinventing the remix and has a flow that almost matches his production qualities. I am looking forward to seeing that evolve and grow. Right now GQ is in the usually gentlemanly funk and concerning itself primarily with the political race, which is important but becoming garbled with a bunch of slander and that is what they are talking about right now, so they're talking about the least important aspects.

I have been pushing my way through the Grindhouse Experience Volume 1 DVD's which have been enjoyable in their own way. If you enjoyed the Tarantino/Rodriquez Grindhouse project and that is your idea of "Grindhouse" movies, pass on this. I have been a long time BAD movie fan and these are not Death Proof or Planet Terror. These are bad on all counts, and are enjoyable because they are bad. I recommend them because the bang for the buck is there, but quality is not. All transfers are obviously taken from VHS copies that've been through hell.

Since the majority of the music I am listening to right now is all backlogged stuff that I just haven't gotten around to until now, or just pulled off Dru's drive, I won't be doing full reviews on all that old stuff.

Right now I am listening to J Dilla - Donuts, Lupe Fiasco - The Cool (review coming soon), Binary Star - Masters of the Universe, and Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol 3-4.