Friday, December 14, 2007

Plans and Intentions

I just wanted to throw at a little mission statement to attach to this thing. Dru and I have been long time buddies and long time geeks. We are generally appreciate all forms of art and anything else used to express a persons inner ideas. We will be bring you thoughts and ideas concerning everything as basic as music, movies, and books, to magazines, interesting graffiti we have come across, or an interesting conversation we have. At least these are my intentions. We are Runaway Pancake Entertainment and that is what we are here to do, entertain. At least that is what I am here to do, and Dru and I tend to be on the same wave length. The site will consist mostly of reviews and our general opinions of things occurring in the entertainment industry whether it be something as minute yet somehow riotous withing the industry as Fiascogate, or how much Michael Bay sucks. We will probably be rolling through with some "Top (insert number here)" lists, and things of the like. All in all I think it should be good times. Leave yourself a comment and feel free to email us any suggestions or requests you may have. We are going to try to keep things current and within the times of new releases but if we come across something that intrigues us so much that we feel we should let yall know about it we will come at you with something retro such as a review of Binary Star's Masters of the Universe (hint, hint). Above all tell us what you want to hear and we will decide if your opinion matters enough for us to entertain it.

This is the opinion of Dan Stalker and may or may not resemble those of Andrew Bueno or Runaway Pancake Entertainment. Thank ye, thank ye.