Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Black Diamond from Stratovarius, Rock Band kits, double bass

If you don't know, Dru and I have Rock Band at our apartment and I would say we play it a lot. I've been playing a lot recently for study breaks and such and am trying to play every song on expert and get at least a 4/5 stars on them all. I'm about half way done but it's insanely hard for me. I came across this guy on Youtube playing Rock Band songs on expert with ease. I looked through other videos he has put up and he's a crazy, video game drumming machine. He's hooked up 2 Rock Band drum kits to play a Japanese drum game called Drummania. It's insanely fast and confusing but he breezes right through them. Older videos show only having one kit and using a sensor and a pile of pillows as a cymbal. CRAZY SHIT!!!