Thursday, January 31, 2008

Links to Some Solid Sound

Right now my music taste is in one of the most massive unexplainable situations. I can't figure out what exactly what I want to listen to and it is starting to mess with my head, but at the same time I am finding some of the most amazing music I have ever heard. Here are links to some of the Myspace pages for the bands I am listening to right now. Most of it I mentioned in my last blog so I just want to supply you with the links. Again, thank you Tony for introducing me to these sounds that I can't get out of my head. Honestly some of the best and most interesting music I have ever heard. These are listed in the order of how much I am enjoying the respected artists.

The Blow - A beautifully melodic voice comes out of this woman with some interesting sounds to match.

Antony and The Johnson's
- The unexplainable voice that this man has is enough to boggle the mind when listening to this. Some of the most hauntingly gorgeous music I have ever heard.

CocoRosie - Creepy and playful female vocals that match well with the elctro/synth/drum heavy music. You have instruments that range from flutes, accordions, xylophones, to kazoos.
MUST CHECK OUT SONG - Rainbowarriors

Joanna Newsom - Childlike voice that just feels like there is a fantasy story hidden somewhere in every single song. Joanna Newsom is a classically trained pianist a harpist. Bitch plays a mean harp. I just like saying that...but she do.
MUST CHECK OUT SONG : Peach, Plumb Pear; Sadie; Cassiopeia

Bjork - You already know her and you either already love her or hate her. As for me, I think she makes some of the most amazing music ever.
MUST CHECK OUT SONG : Wanderlust; Declare Independence; Innocence SMD remix

Tegan & Sara - For some reason I can't stop listening to this. I think their voices blend together beautifully. The music kind of sucks but their voices are gorgeous.
MUST CHECK OUT SONG : The Con; Back in your Head

So that is what I am rockin' in my iPod right now and pissing off my roommates with. Check it out and get exposed to some new sounds. If you hear something on here that you like and think of some similar sounds please do let me know. Throw me a line on Myspace. Right now I am on a new music hunt. Share with us what you are listening to.

And yes, I do have an iPod now. And yes I hate it just as much as I said I would. The Zune still kicks it in the balls. But I will be back with some tech stuff at a later date.


AB said...


you fuck. j/k.. since reformatting my computer i've been using iTunes instead of Windows Media Player and Zune Marketplace

Dan Stalker said...

My Zune took a knock on the head and we aren't going to be getting any 80GB Zunes for a while so while I was going insane without music, I gave in and got an iPod.