Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Festivities!

So, I'm doing my Lost homework before the premiere tonight and was enlightened to find this: The Lost Drinking Game. The rules are as follows:

Take a sip every time:
* Hurley says “dude.”
* Ben says something nonsensical...and menacing...and semi-rodent-like, possibly about cheese.
* You notice Future Jack’s beard looks like a small bear is getting sexy with his chin.
* Kate waffles between Jack and Sawyer and then Sawyer and Jack and then Jack and Sawyer...and wait for it...Jack and Sawyer some more. Egads, woman!
* Desmond says “aye” in that saucy way that makes you wish he was your yes man.
* Locke goes crazy, does crazy, exudes crazy, says “crazy,” acts mildly wacky or kills a guy.
* Sawyer uses a nick name.
* Desmond says “brotha".
* Someone answers a question with “it’s complicated.”

Chug every time:
* Claire actually has a line.
* Claire aggravates you because she actually has a line.
* You get misty-eyed when Bernard and Rose are together.
* Sayid kicks ass...and reminds you of how Naveen Andrews was the only good part of "The English Patient."
* Sawyer grimaces and/or furrows a brow...and you want to tell him that if he keeps making those faces, it’s going to stick. Didn’t his mother teach him anything?
* You feel compelled to call shenanigans because Jin said something way too complicated for a guy who just learned English. Although let’s face it, when Jin’s on screen, are we really listening to what he’s saying or are we just staring? I think we’re just staring.

Pour entire keg over your head and dance around chanting, “I knew it! I knew it! You can’t fool me, Lindelof, with your fancy fooling ways!” if:
* Jacob turns out to be played by the ghost of Anthony Perkins.
* Charlie turns out NOT to be the future! Also, he is now a polar bear.

Feel free to add your own rules! Sip, chug and pour the entire keg over your head responsibly! Happy Lost everyone!

PS: Think we'll see Walt this season? Teehee.

"Walt in Season One, Season Two, and an artist's rendering of his projected appearance in Season Six."


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