Sunday, January 27, 2008

More TED Talks

So as I explained previously, I am addicted to TED Talks and think it is one of the most interesting things I have found on the web. The ridiculously large amount of information and knowledge available is mind blowing. It is one thing to keep up with current events and world issues but I think some of the stuff they discuss here is just as important.

Violence in societies has been an ongoing issue whether it be the war in the Middle East, tribal slaughters in Kenya, homicide rates in America, or the effect of violence in the media on children and teenagers. Steven Pinker takes a look at the history of violence in western cultures from Neanderthals to present day. He explains how the amount of violence occurring today is far less than that which has occurred previously, yet we are still under the impression that violence is on the rise, even though it is precisely the opposite. He discusses possible explanations for why we think violence is on the rise. Truly a fascinating discussion. Watch it.