Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Look and a Little New Funk

First off, lets give it up to Dru and whoever his cohorts were who got the page a spiffy new look. I am feelin' it. Second off, I got hit with a music bubble tonight. I was closing down work tonight and playing music because I was wanting to have Tony listen to Joanna Newsom while we were discussing some of the ridiculousness that was the customers of the day. One woman flipped out on Tony because her friend said a movie was on sale when not only was the movie not on sale, but we don't even carry it, and honestly, have you ever seen Barry Lyndon available in retail store outside of the currently out of print Kubrick box set the included both Lolita and Dr. Strangelove as well as Barry Lyndon? I also had some guy who was absolutely flabbergasted that we were sold out of Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii. People need to learn to use the web and research something before you get heated with me.

So, back to my story. We were closing and listening to some of Ms. Newsom's beautiful music when Tony wants to throw on some of his music that he wants me to hear. He starts off with The Blow, then moves onto Teddybears STHLM, CocoRosie, then Antony and The Johnson's. So I have been in this music rut, not really knowing exactly what it is that I am wanting to listen to when suddenly it's like Tony was more on the ball with my musically equilibrium than I was. Everything he threw on was exactly what I was looking for. CocoRosie has these haunting female vocals with an interesting chilled out, mellow trip-hop beat in the background, The Blow has some ridiculously sexy, sultry, female vocals that make me want o jump on whatever girl is producing this sound and beats in the back that range from a bass heavy R&B groove to a crazy dance rhythm and a hardcore rock sound. Antony and The Johnsons are something I had already heard...kinda. The vocalist was featured on two tracks on Bjork's Volta album. The vocals also have a very haunting sound to it but have a soulful backing that is unreal, with an orchestral background that matches perfectly.

I have yet to fully absorb Teddybears STHLM, but they were more on the rock side from what I had heard. I am just excited because I hadn't heard so much new music that was right on the nose with the mood I am in. I haven't been this absorbed in the music I am listening to for a very long time. Thank you Tony for giving me something to be excited about. Everyone check out these artists and enjoy it thoroughly. I am going to try and go to sleep now so wish me luck.


Mark The Mongolian said...

The guy that made the beats for The Blow is Jona Bechtolt. You can find his solo stuff here.

I remember a lot of my female friends liked the chick because she did a reading of The Vagina Monologues.