Thursday, January 31, 2008

Songs stuck in my head...

COCONUT RECORDS - Do you remember Jason Schwartzman? Well this is solo music project and it's a really nice fun listen.
Track to listen to: West Coast

What Made Milwaukee Famous - I'm really excited about these guys new release on March 4th. As their sound has greatly matured, you can compare for yourself on their myspace. Not to mention their drummer, Jeremy, is pretty much a gourmet chef.
Track to listen to: Resistance St

Colour Revolt - I'm putting these guys on in March and their debut full length comes out in April. They are intense and that's all I can really say about them. They've played shows with Brand New, Dinosaur Jr., and Explosions in the Sky.

Track to listen to: Mattresses Underwater

I pretty much stole Dan's format for posting.

I think on my next post - I'll talk about a lot of new features coming out this year for the 'Sony PSP' as I think Skype is going really help Sony expand their audience base for the hand held system.


AB said...

that looked fun.. too bad the weather's too crazy over here- i'd love to take my longboard out

i still plan to get you and kelsey both a nice board sometime

Dan Stalker said...

I am feeling Colour Revolt. That have a nice blend between an indie style with something a little more on the level of At the Drive In. Right now am I diggin' Naked and Red. Skype is going to be awesome for the PSP and could make it more accessible and interesting for the mass majority. There is a similar hack available for the DS but it takes a little more doing and know how. Skype being built for the PSP will increase popularity. Good stuff.