Friday, December 21, 2007

asdf #3

First things first

I'm trying to expand the team here because Runaway Pancake is part of EFF.ESS.YOO (or FSU if you're familiar with what I'm talking about). Added to the roster:

  • Mike Vu - cOmPUtEr GaMiNg AsiAn!
  • Mark Flentge - my cuz from Louisiana, fellow Musichead
  • Dom Acala - roommate and gadget guy
  • Francis Acacio - photographer and pedophile... j/k
  • Robert Kipps - the future filmmaker who coined RUNAWAY PANCAKE

Realistically, we all combine to make Captain Planet and act as a collective of knowledge and know-how when it comes to movies, music, comics, videogames, television, art, toys, fitness, and other "geek" subjects.

Hopefully everyone will filling this page up with the most random of shits because I'm getting a good post-load in. Does anyone even read this? Sorry if you do. We're not up "to the level" yet.

It'd be good to know if we're appreciated, so whenever you have the feeling PLEASE leave us a comment or six. Thank ye much!


Alright, so I'm about to get a little sentimental with it..

So if haven't picked up Lupe Fiasco's The Cool yet, you need to. It's hip hop, rap, rock, industrial, pop, whathaveyou. A featured artist on the tracks "Hip Hop Saved My Life" and "Little Weapon" is named Nikki Jean, part of a band called Nouveau Riche sings the hooks. I found her myspace and her youtube account and saw that she keeps video diaries. She's very dope and very friendly (and very cute).

This video is for all those who have dreams and aspirations to 'make it' someday.


Meanwhile, I am still excited for CLOVERFIELD come January.

I also am still in concordance with C.H.U.D. that the monster may very well be THIS MOFO