Wednesday, December 19, 2007

asdf #2

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight trailer yet, go here:

Head to the MTV Movie Blog to read their shot-by-shot description of it with a little bit of insight as well.

I'm very excited for the movie. The Joker seems to be stealing the show. When I first heard of Heath Ledger taking the role I rolled my eyes, but he's doing a magnificent job of bringing out the graphic novel style Joker onto the screen. Badassery at it's finest.


QBert disciples!

DJ Ryusei (6 years old) and DJ Sara (8 years old)


Come February will be Thriller's 25th anniversary and what better way to milk your past success by re-releasing it with shitty remakes of classic songs! Enter Akon, Will.I.Am, Kanye, and the highly-talented Fergie! o_O

Michael Jackson // Billy Jean (Kanye Version 2008)

Michael Jackson // Wanna Be Startin Something (Akon Version 2008)

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