Sunday, December 16, 2007

Intention Statement #2

Hello. My name is Andrew Bueno, but folks call me Dru.


Like Dan said beforehand we've been friends a long time, but we've been geeks long before that. As for me, I do appreciate how people express themselves and will be as fair as I can in analyzing things. They say reviewers are people who can't do something themselves. I completely agree! Haha, but really- We just like sharing information and our opinions when we can. We'll have features, reviews, previews, news of "fetal" music/movies/television and numerous types of art and media.

I will be editor of the site and will be changing the blog as I see fit. We always think big: we've wanted to run a website (and have tried numerous times before), but we'll keep it simple because everyone has a blog now (I have about 9). We've dreams of more major accomplishments. So yeah. We're just two dudes (we'll also have guest
bloggers) who want to share our humble [not so much Dan] opinions with the our friends, people like ourselves and the rest of the world. Or at least the internets. We're here bearing ourselves- spilling our souls to let you know how a certain track or scene in a movie emotionally connected us, so you'll be getting to know us pretty well.

No need to take this so seriously- it's only entertainment.


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