Monday, December 17, 2007

Seattle's Nightlife IS Dying.

Between the recent trouble with all the clubs going on and the mayor trying to shut everything down, Seattle has suffered another loss.

Seattle's Crocodile Cafe Closes

I can't say I was a regular there, but the shows I've been to have been awesome. It's such a shame for Seattle to lose something like this, even when everyone has been talking about it slowly making it's comeback.

On January 24th I was planning on seeing Ben Kenney (of Incubus and The Roots fame) with DJ Kilmore at the Croc. Ben's an amazing artist with two albums under his name (see: '26' and 'Maduro') with his third being the reason for the tour. Now what? It's probably not as major as people think, but our city is losing its flavor.

Ironic is Ben's single from his new album. I dedicate this to The Croc. Rest in peace.

As someone on Three Imaginary Girls said, "I am seriously bummed out about this, like my best pal has moved away."


Karabias said...

While this totally blows for smaller acts that can't get booked at bigger venues (El Cor, Showbox, etc), I've never actually been a huge fan of the Croc. Maybe it's just me, but I never really dug the atmosphere or the stage setup at most of the shows I've been to there. Sucks for the artists, but not for the scene, in my opinion.