Friday, December 28, 2007

The New Frontiers - 5 Song EP

The New Frontiers - 5 Song EP
by Mark Flentge

Nathan Pettijohn - Vocals / Guitar
Ryan Henry - Bass / Vocals
Jacob Chaney - Guitar / Vocals
Guy Turner - Keyboard / Vocals
Alex Bhore - Drums

Label - The Militia Group

1. Man Down
2. Mirrors
3. Walking on Stones
4. Car Doors and Stolen Keys
5. The Sound of Love
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The New Frontiers are a musical gem that bleeds out soul and hail from the Dallas metropolitan area. Where the current music scene is drowned out by mass amounts of screaming pseudo 'emo' hipsters, vintage dressed dance parties, or southern hardcore kids that like to wave their fists in circles. Basically they don't exactly fit the normal bill for where they come from playing some of the best heartfelt music you've heard anywhere. You should definitly look into them if your a fan of Wilco, Spoon, or The Decemberists. This new EP is a taste of what their full length is going to be like. Which I believe is due out nationwide in late January / early February.

The first track on the EP, Man Down, I believe is going to be used as the single for their full length. The track is just a great opener that grabs your attention throughout ranging from the swelling chorus to the guitar solo that has a very distinct country feel. Not the new pop country, but the old country that was comprised of men that were total bad asses. It gives you a peek of what the band is able to do with only 4 minutes, which makes you really think of how good the full length is going to be. The track isn't totally comprised of some hook that all you remember is the chorus of the song and your done with it. Although the piano and drums do such an awesome job during the chorus it's hard not to get stuck in your head. It's a song that envelops an emotion that is truly memorable.

I originally heard Mirrors as a demo a long time before the guys ever headed into the studio to record it. Hands down this is my favorite track on the EP. The thing that is infectious about this song is the build up into the choir section when all the members of the band sing, "We saw the spark within in your eyes, your face reflected in the light. We all are angels in the sky, we are all mirrors in the skys. We will lift you up. We will place you on your feet. We will pick you up, we will never let you go." Simply amazing. Not for some poetic value, but for the auditory experience of that many people harmonizing and putting soul into their music.

Walking on Stones is a track that just drives all the way through. The track follows a post-rock feel from the soft plucking of an acoustic guitar to the basic bass drum plowing on through with a constant crescendo throughout. The track ends with a simply colossal sound of harmonizing vocals, cymbal crashes, guitar distortion, and static. So much fun, as post-rock is my favorite genre. Go Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed!

Car Doors and Stolen Keys follows a true americana sound, like Tom Petty. With a lap slide guitar being heard throughout the track. The song follows the fantasy of a person running away with someone they are in love with. "This time we watched the sun go down over the city I wanted to hold you close, but I keep forgetting. We were out of control till the day you ran away." The best lines though are "Your father can go to hell, your mother can go as well. We've gone too far to change their minds." The track ends with swirling lap guitar, organ, and great solid drumming.

Sound of Love is a James Iha cover of The Smashing Pumpkins. It sounds pretty much the same, except different vocals. Which leads me to my idea that originals are normally better than the covers.

I'll leave you with a youtube video of theirs. Their old name was Stellamaris.

Also if you check out their myspace they have video blogs of recording the album, being on tour and playing a that 70's show game in front of some bigwig music editors.

Peace and <3>