Monday, January 21, 2008

Cloverfield, again.

A review by Janelle Q.

This weekend has been spent intaking copious amount of Cloverfield and everything related to it. I just knew it wouldn't be made without an crazy underlying story behind it. This movie was such typical J.J. Abrams. And to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with that guy. He makes thrilling, mysterious, mythological television and films - but he forces the viewers to do their homework, researching clues and searching for easter eggs. So here's my review: Cloverfield is ridiculous, in the best way possible. Abrams really knows how to fuck with my mind. After this movie, I can't separate the fake from reality anymore.

So, is fun. Discretion: Not everyone will like this movie, so don't blame me if you want your 10 dollars worth of movie ticket back. We've all heard the bad reviews; the shaky handy cam, the unidentified monster, the wack storyline, etcetera. And I won't lie, I felt completely disappointed right when the movie ended - until I did my homework - now I'm in a world of Slusho!

Anyway, while they're on the Brookyn Bridge, another man is caught videotaping the night's incidents. Perhaps footage from his camera will leak soon? Hope so!

Also, apparently there were unidentified advertisements for Cloverfield on The N (yes, I know you all watch Degrassi. sike.) with white noise and messages saying, "I'm still alive. Help me." See a viewers reaction here: And I'll leave yall with that.