Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More and more

So I am completely addicted to finding new things to post. I was running through my buddy Brian's Myspace and saw his blog about a new movie called "The Signal". There is an ongoing trend in movies turning technology into a culprit and creator of evil. I find this interesting and annoying all at the same time. If done properly it could be really interesting and if done wrong you can get "Pulse", the American version. I did think the Japanese version of that was actually decent by the way, but that could be just because I was watching it on my computer and there was a reflection on my screen so I was looking at my computer at people looking at their computer and they were seeing a picture of them looking at there computer and seeing ghosts in their room while I had a reflection of me in my room. It was creepy. Sorry that was weird. Here is the trailer. I am excited for this.

There are many different trailers over at Youtube Right now.

I also took a peak and saw this trailer for the new Gus Van Sant film "Paranoid Park" which looks pretty cool. I like Gus Van Sant even though I think he can become to weird for his own good. Sometimes he takes the voyeristic approach too far and it become overwhelming. "Paranoid Park" however looks very cool. The feeling kind of reminds me of "Brick".