Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Movie Preview

I was going to write a large article encompassing about ten to fifteen movies I am looking forward to in the coming year but I thought that it would be a little bit easier for you and myself, and ultimately getting these updates to occur more often, if I just leak a few out here and there. So this shall begin an ongoing updated topic.

Dru already got the ball rolling with Doomsday which saves me some time. I am thoroughly looking forward to Doomsday. Niel Marshall has written and directed movies like Descent and Dog Soldiers which I loved. What I want to kick this preview off with is "Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train".

Everyone who knows me knows that I love me a Clive Barker movie. "Hellraiser" has been one of my favorite movies for a long time and "Candyman" is a horror movie landmark in so many peoples lives. The man has a vision for horror and gore with a story telling sensibility that still makes me open the bathroom door before turning off the lights. He is a horror god. "Hellraiser" is still his prime focus and it is noticeable by all the sequels.

"Midnight Meat Train" is based off a short film by Barker in 1984. It is about a NYC photographer who is trying to capture the city in a way no one has before. When he starts taking pictures on the subway he starts unraveling the mysteries to a serial killer who has been dubbed the Subway Butcher. Vinnie Jones plays the killer which I couldn't be more excited for. I think everyone has been wanting to see him in this type of role since his role as Bullet-Tooth Tony in Snatch. Fool is a beast. Ryuhei Kitamura is directing and I am looking forward to the collaboration. Usually American Japanese mash-ups fail miserably but I think the Japanese influence could be exactly what a movie like this needs. The use of confined space will be interesting. Plus you have a writer like Barker on board which helps the case. Kitamura is the maker of movies like "Versus", "Alive", "Azumi", and "Godzilla:Final Wars" so he has a pretty strong resume. If you haven't checked any of those out, do. I think this movie and it's interesting mash-up should make for some nice horror fun in the coming year, which it looks like it could be a strong year for the horror movie scene in general. More about that later. And here be the trailer. Do enjoy.