Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

I would like to say that this past Super Bowl was one of the best ones I've seen. The heavily favorite Patriots were playing for the perfect season and the Giants were playing for pride. This game has to be one of the best underdog stories.

The Giants just played better than the Patriots through out the whole game. Even though their first drive only resulted in a field goal, it nearly took them half of the 1st quarter to do it. That's how you beat the Patriots, keep Tom Brady and company on the sidelines. Then on the very first offensive play for the Pats, what happened? The Giants brought the pressure, got to Brady and nearly caused the sack. The Giants started the game fast and strong on both sides of the ball and kept the intensity up through out the whole game. Brady was under constant pressure and always had some one in his face, if not on him. Because of all this pressure, Brady could not step into his throws to complete his deep passes. He was un-Brady like. Being inaccurate for the deep balls to Randy Moss.

Despite Eli Manning throwing and interception (which wasn't his fault) and the Pats driving down the field on multiple occasions, the Giants kept their composure and showed the world why they were Road Warriors ( 10 - 0 on the road, including post-season wins @ Tampa, @ Dallas, and @ the Frozen Tundra that is Lambeau Field). They held the most explosive offense in NFL history to 14 pts. Now that's amazing. I knew the Giants could beat the Patriots. Everyone was saying the Pats were unstoppable but towards the end of the regular season and through out the post-season, the Pats weren't that strong and teams were beginning to figure out how to play them. Brady was just too good and had too many weapons. That's why they were in the Super Bowl. The Giants knew what to do, and finished. They avenged their regular season lose to the Pats, a game the Giants should have won.

As for next season, who knows what will happen. The Seahawks need to strengthen their run game (Shaun Alexander isn't what he used to be). Hasselbeck isn't getting any younger and this will be Coach Mike Holmgren's last. Deion Branch should be healthier and Engram, despite is age, still has a good season or 2 left in him. Our defense will be fast as usual but I feel like we need some size to complement the speed. Bring in some big guys for the middle of the d-line and we'll be able to stop the run more efficiently.

Stayed tuned for more analysis of the NFL and the off-season progresses and training begins. Have a wonderful off-season and congrats to the Giants for being world champs!


marcjames said...

holmgren said since this is his last season with the 'hawks, he's gonna pull out some tricks rather than the usual fundamental plays.. i can't wait! oh yeah, go giants! i knew they'd win!