Thursday, March 6, 2008

asdf #7

It's picture day on the internet!


One year from now we'll be blessed with Zach Snyder's film adaptation of WATCHMEN, a graphic novel from acclaimed author Alan Moore. To commemorate this occasion (a tease the shit out of us fans) Zach has posted up some photos of all the characters. They look awesome in my opinion and stay as true as possible to the actually art*.

The Comedian

Nite Owl (II)



Silk Spectre (II)

I'd have to say they're all spot on (except Ozymandias. Matthew Goode doesn't have the right build- his head's too small). AND WHERE THE FCK IS DR. MANHATTAN?!

Check out Zach's blog for higher-quality pictures.

*Don't know about WATCHMEN? KETCHUP! But you should go out and buy the book. Trust me- it'll be worth it.


From Ben Stiller's next film, Tropic Thunder, has some pretty crazy stuff going on. Read the article to see who that black person is. You'll never guess.


The second chapter in the film saga of The Chronicles of Narnia, TCoN: Prince Caspian, has some new pictures out. Click this one for more:


and finally Stephen Chow's next film CJ7 now has a proper trailer out. Click the poster to view it.

A long-ass premise, from

"From Stephen Chow, the director and star of Kung Fu Hustle, comes CJ7, a new comedy featuring Chow’s trademark slapstick antics. Ti (Stephen Chow) is a poor father who works all day, everyday at a construction site to make sure his son Dicky Chow (Xu Jian) can attend an elite private school. Despite his father’s good intentions to give his son the opportunities he never had, Dicky, with his dirty and tattered clothes and none of the “cool” toys stands out from his schoolmates like a sore thumb. Ti can’t afford to buy Dicky any expensive toys and goes to the best place he knows to get new stuff for Dicky – the junk yard! While out “shopping” for a new toy for his son, Ti finds a mysterious orb and brings it home for Dicky to play with. To his surprise and disbelief, the orb reveals itself to Dicky as a bizarre “pet” with extraordinary powers. Armed with his “CJ7” Dicky seizes this chance to overcome his poor background and shabby clothes and impress his fellow schoolmates for the first time in his life. But CJ7 has other ideas and when Dicky brings it to class chaos ensues."