Wednesday, December 19, 2007

asdf #1

I guess I'm going to label my little random posts like that.

Anywho we all know that the WGA strike has put a pretty big halt on a lot of television shows we've all loved. Because of the strike, we lost some pretty good things (HEROES- G'DAMN YOU!).

But not all is gone. LOST will be back on air January 31st for 8 episodes (out of the 16 consecutive ones they promised). Oh well, I'll take half over none any day. Exciting!

This trailer for the forth season also excites me. A lot.


Regarding my last post about the Croc closing and the unknown status of Ben Kenney's tour coming to Seattle, I've got great news! I just saved a whole bunch of money-


Ben Kenney and DJ Kilmore will be playing Thursday, January 24th at El Corazon.

I added a "calendar" on the right so that everyone knows events and release dates and whatnot.


If you don't know by now I'm a big fan of QN5 Music. CunninLynguists just dropped Dirty Acres which is in my Top 10 Albums of 2007. Substantial is finally going to put out his album, Sacrifice, this coming January. It was originally slated to come out a week before CL's disc, but was pushed back to do some label issues. This was his "last known communication":

Pre-order SACRIFICE on
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Lupe's sophomore effort, The Cool, was officially released today. I have a review coming up for it, but I wanted it to simmer in my head for a bit (my initial reaction was that it was good, but not as good as I was hoping- most likely because I built it up myself).

Mr. Jaco (real name) will be having a show here in Seattle on January 11th at the Showbox. Check the calendar for details and a link to get tickets. Hopefully he brings along his normal crew- Bishop G, GemStones, Matthew Santos- AND I really hope he brings along the band 1500 or Nothing that helped him with this performance:

Pick it up at Target for $9.98 until the 22nd or Best Buy for $9.99 until the 21st.

Lupe Fiasco // Paris, Tokyo